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Cole Malone is bringing something refreshing to the music scene. His upcoming EP, produced by Tino Izzo, is sure to capture the hearts of fans with its unique sound. Combining the talents of Cole and Izzo, who has crafted hits for Céline Dion and SAYA, this EP promises to be one of the must-listens of 2023. With influences ranging from Eric Church to Rob Thomas, Cole Malone is sure to please any fan of country and contemporary music.

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  • Latest single, Day After Day, made #97 on the Top 100 Mediabase Chart

  • Single, One Man Army, hit #77 on the Trax Report

  • Signed with Bloc Note Music Publishing in 2021

  • The Albertan Readers Choice 2021 Winner (Best Local Band/Musician & Best Local Artist)

  • The Albertan Readers Choice 2022 Winner (Best Local Band/Musician)

  • 2015 Nashville North Rising Star (Winner)

  • 2014 Nashville North Rising Star (Runner Up)

  • 2007 CKFM Rising Star Winner 

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